About Paulie

Since 2015, executive chef and restaurateur Paulie O’Connor has put a level of quality into his craft to ensure that each and every customer he serves leaves with an experience unlike any other.

From establishing the award winning OYG in two separate locations to serving up the finest cuts of meat to hungry crowds at The Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse, Paulie has not only made an impression on the community, but has had his name remembered and repeated time and time again.

It is with this momentum that we are proud to announce the opening of the newest restaurant in our collection, which we have humbly named “Paulie’s”. Combining the themes of the old west and old world Italian recipies handed down generation to generation, Paulie’s will be a place that will take you on a culinary journey.  Going back to the basics in regards to what it is that makes a meal an experience is not only what Paulie’s will provide, but what we excel in.

Fresh ingredients, homemade pastas, pizzas made from scratch, tender meats, tantalizing wine, and the love that is put into the art of cooking is what is waiting for you here at Paulie’s.

Join us won’t you?